Clown White

“This work of biographical fiction is most enjoyable from beginning to end. The author is somehow able to convey his story without self-pity, and with great appreciation for many of the people in his life…”

Regina A.

“Read this touching story of a boy who struggles with the secret of childhood sexual abuse, along with the constant longing for a meaningful relationship with a distant, disinterested father…”

John L.

“Readers may even find themselves moved to tears as the main character, after battling some very traumatic events ends up gaining self-acceptance, love, and overall happiness…”

Christopher M.

“I enjoyed journeying through life with this character. The story was real and heartfelt. It changed me in a good way to share the experiences.”

Brooke W.

About Clown White

Sheppard Anthony Schulek has spent his entire life trying to find what its like to feel “normal.” He lives with the difficulties of having a celebrity mother, an abusive father, sexual abuse, and his struggles to find personal peace in a lifetime journey of travel and search. We follow Sheppard’s path through the university experience, to Mexico, Europe, Japan, entry in to his professional world, a first failed marriage to a coffee heiress, and finally—in the most unexpected way—he finds his redemption.

Behind the Scenes

As a much older person, I learned that who I thought was my father, was in fact—not!Needless to say, after a lifetime of trying to make sense of my father’s horrible parenting and oft abuses, this caused quite an intense rupture in my otherwise idyllic life. This book was my best attempt to sort out the sum of it: a very difficult task for someone who “sweats bullets” simply trying to write a resumé! Of course the names are changed to protect the guilty…