what clients say about me

Lane is fantastic at understanding what message you are trying to get across and articulating them in a much more elegant fashion.  Pair this with his creative ideas you can't help but win!

Melissa Masitto
Director of Sales & Marketing
Hyatt Regency Baltimore

If a group allows Lane to use his process, he will illuminate the essence of what is distinguished about them and their product or service and deliver a result, which is both elegant and sensitive to, the impact marketing dollars have on the bottom line.  He is creative, energetic, results-oriented and adaptive to the culture of those he represents.
David C. Donnelly, CMPE
Chief Operating Officer
Texas Cardiovascular Consultants, P.A.

It was with a great deal of fear and apprehension that we elected to pursue advertising.  We wanted to reach out to patients with our philosophy and heart, but did not have a clue where to begin.  I will never forget the long day of interviewing potential marketing firms.  Over and over again the same identical concept brochures were presented.  My patience and humor were wearing thin, how could we possibly embrace cold mechanical science and machines?  
Lane Orsak arrived with open honesty and began to question me about our practice.  Immediately the tone was different.  This became an interview about Lone Star’s passions and approach to patient care.  He listened.
Eight years later Lane is still our marketing firm.  He knows every member of our staff and what they do for a living.  He has met many of our patients.  He took the time to learn who we are as people and professionals and has uniquely expressed our philosophies in our ads.  We in turn have learned what having the right marketing individual can do for a company.  Lane’s advice and direction in our marketing campaign, not only placed our name out into the community, but also succeeded in bringing patients into our clinic.  
Well…it’s a start on how we feel.

Debby Johnston, Administrator
Lone Star Oncology

Often I'll be on the way to a client meeting to brainstorm creative options. When it dawns on me that I really need Lane for his quick wit and creative spontaneous combustion. I have never been in a meeting with Lane that I did not applaud myself for asking him to join us.

As my grandfather taught me, "the key to success is surrounding yourself with people that are smarter that you." That's why I count on Lane.

When I need an idea man, I can count on Lane. He has been critical in the re-branding of our production company, from ID design to the creation of our new website.

Johnny Stevens, Owner
HORIZON Film + Video, Inc.

Lane is a creative genius!
Ruth C Whitehurst, Administrator
Austin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Prior to the direction of Lane Orsak, our marketing initiatives were non-focused and delivered minimal return on investment.  Encompassing nothing more than a hodgepodge of newspaper ads, yellow page listings, and refrigerator magnets; we were in a dire need of a creative force to galvanize our leadership and realign our strategic objectives with a results-oriented marketing campaign.  Since a great deal of our patient referrals generated from word-of-mouth, we had to evolve our brand into something that truly resonated with the community at large.  With Lane’s guidance over the last few years, we have reached all of our goals.
Lane’s success in transforming our brand resulted from many things:  
Creative vision, Understanding of the complexities involved in running a medical practice (which included the challenges of physician buy-in and declining reimbursement), and Realization that marketing foci had to be directed both inward (e.g. aesthetics, customer service, quality) and outward (e.g. public relations and advertising).  

All in all, Lane was able to help us grow our business by working within the confines of our budget.  I would recommend his services to any small business looking to grow in these challenging times.

Eric S. Weaver, CMPE
Administrator, Austin Sports Medicine