Lane Rockford Orsak

About Lane

Lane’s early creative life began in Houston. With a local TV-star mother (The Kitirik Show, ABC, 1954-71), it seemed like a natural fit to enter the performing arts. Later, he studied theater and Liberal Arts at Lon Morris College, graduated from the University of Texas, and performed for two seasons with the Austin Ballet Theater. He wrote a musical, Mr. Hanks, and was one of only six people in the U.S. outside of New York City to be accepted for audition at the prestigious BMI Lehman Engel Workshop. Lane later lived in Tokyo, working as a language consultant, helping Japanese corporate executives conduct business abroad.

Back in the States, Lane helped manage a restaurant and create a coffee importing-and-roasting business. He’s been a marketing director, and he co-owned a boutique-advertising agency before launching his own and running it for sixteen years.

In 2009, Lane began writing books. First came the Keiko the Fairy series: The Kujiki, The Silk Road, and Yonaguni. The books are bilingual, bicultural, coming-of-age stories set in contemporary Japan. It was accepted for consideration at Paramount Pictures’s animation department. Next came an autobiographical novel, Clown White, followed by an adult comedy, Barbella, in 2016, and Dylan’s Divide, in 2018.

Lane lives in Austin with his wife Karen and his dog Chino.

Image: © Jeremy Green